Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happiness is a solar powered watch

Husband is a simple man. He's not into video games, football, basketball, or home improvements. For that, I'm grateful. However, he is into flashlights, watches, and multi-tools. He is the only person I know that always carries a flashlight, I mean LED, everywhere he goes. And I mean everywhere!

We all have little quirks. Just like I like to flick boogers, Husband likes to carry a small flashlight from his belt. At first, it was comical that a grown man would walk around with a flashlight on his hip, waiting for the lights to go out, so he could come to the rescue like a super hero. In fact, I spent countless hours laughing at him for this. But, occasionally, he does save the day with his hand-dandy flashlight.

But, yesterday, when I came home from a meeting, Husband was glowing. He had a smile from ear to ear. I thought he had just won the lottery or just seen Catherine Zeta Jones naked. But, no! He had just bought himself a solar powered watch. He was as giddy as a crack addict who had just blown a guy for her next hit of crack. I mean, he was as happy as clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl makes me happy, happy! I mean, happy with a capitalized HAPPY and an exclamation mark, happy. HAPPY!

I was so happy to see him so HAPPY! Since Husband doesn't get excited about much, it was a rare site. I, on the other had, get excited all the time about anything and everything. Like a clear, deli drawer excites me along with sweet potato french fries, and lightning, and Gouda cheese, and The Beatles, and my son farting, and watching Medium and Dexter, and eating a crunchy Japanese cucumber, and eating Kimchee that's so hot you have to drink 8 glasses of water just to kill the heat on your tongue, and new running shoes, and seeing a butterfly cross my path, and hitting a series of 5 green lights when I'm driving to work, and hearing a Kelly Clarkson song on the radio while I'm driving and singing at the top of lungs just because I can, and talking to my friends clear across the world in Texas, and smelling clean laundry....all of those things make me happy! (That sentence was meant to be read in one breath.)

Happiness is very easy for me to achieve. Husband, not so much. So, to see his little eyes light up when he was showing me his new watch was great. It made me happy to him so HAPPY!

(This morning, when I came home from a run, I found Husband on the couch reading the instruction manual for his new watch. For Husband, happiness is a solar powered watch.)

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