Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I'm a little neurotic

Yes, I'm a cheek biter, a finger nail biter, and I even bite the skin around my finger nails. It's good eatin' actually! So, I guess I'm not a true vegetarian seeing as how I eat my own meat. Gross, I know. Moving on.

So, in my old age, I seem to be getting a little weirder and louder everyday. By the time I'm 50, I'm sure I'll be in a padded room yelling obscenities at everyone who walks by my cell. But until then, YOU get to listen to me yelling obscenities. Aren't you the lucky ones?!

So, in less than a month, my in-laws will be coming to visit us in Japan. They will be staying with us for about two weeks--in our apartment. Okay, deep breath...inhale...exhale...I'm okay, really, I am! It's not that I don't like my in-laws, I mean, they are good, very Catholic people, who are kind, and helpful and all that crap. It's just that I don't even like it when MY own family comes to visit for two weeks. Seriously, have you met MY family? We're all medicated, and we're still nuts! I can handle my parents and Sister for about 6 days. After that, the gloves come off and the obscenity yelling begins. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I just can't live with them and love them at the same time! It's impossible! Seriously, IMPOSSIBLE!

Luckily, my parents and Sister feel the same way. We can tell each other to shut the hell up 50 times a day and no one gets their feeling hurt. In fact, most of the time we aren't yelling, we are simply talking as loud as humanly possible. It's not that we are being disrespectful, we just get tired of hearing each other talk out their ass. My family is a little rough around the edges, duh! But, overall, we are good people and love each other regardless of how many F-bombs are dropped in one sentence.

Husband's family isn't so rough around the edges, though. They are a little more calm, collected, they don't shout when they speak, and they never, ever, use the F-word. So, I'm a little nervous about their visit.

When they met me 8 years ago, I was a little less neurotic and, well, I showed them what they wanted to see, I mean, we all have to play certain parts, right?! Well, in the last few years, I've kind of become really honest, and I think Husband's family might be afraid of my honesty. I know most people are! With that said, I hope I can behave myself and only drop the F-bomb when it is absolutely necessary. Oh, shit! Like that's possible! I'm screwed!


Anonymous said...

Most people are scared shitless of you !!
Just ask the ladies at the tea party you went to !!

Medium sized D

Princess Talula said...

I have that effect, as well. I say things that make people nervous. It's a talent, I think. I didn't used to, but I do now!

Oh, and I am also a vegetarian who gnaws the skin around her nails. I mean, we all have to have a hobby!