Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy is as crazy does

Okay, I'm a little weird. I know that, and I've come to terms with it. I am a product of father's loins, what did you expect?! I know I say things I shouldn't, and sometimes I don't behave as a 30-something married woman with a 4 year old should. I know this, and, frankly, I don't give a shit.

However, on days where I'm even less inhibited, I feel sorry for Husband and Jude. I feel sorry that Husband married a neurotic, overly opinionated bitch. And I feel sorry that Jude has to grow up with a crazy mom who does and says things the other moms don't.

But today, while I was searching the blogosphere, I stumbled upon some really, really crazy people! I mean, the type of people that need drugs, serious drugs! The kind of people who would think I'm normal. The kind of people that should not be telling the world how crazy they are because they are really F-ing crazy!

While I was reading the crazy people blogs, I realized just how un-fucked up I am. Despite my quirkiness and OCD behavior, I'm not really that crazy. It made me feel better to read the really, really screwed up people's blogs. I thought, "Shit, I'm crazy but not like that! Those people need help!" It was sad but refreshing to find people so screwed up in the head!

I just hope that the seriously crazy people out there get the help they need. Because, Damn! They need help!


Tara said...

We're all a little nuts, lady! :) I, too, enjoy reading about people crazier than me. Some of my favorite crazy bloggers are Heather at and Leah at Heather wrote a book about her first pregnancy when she had to go off of her anti-depressants and her stint in rehab for post-partum depression. And Leah has multiple personalities. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hell, just look at your friends!!

Medium sized D