Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on being a complete failure as a mother

Okay. On Friday Jude had another spelling test. I was waiting with anticipation as I watched Jude walk off the bus last Friday. It was like the kid was moving in slow motion, carrying a bomb in his backpack. The bomb was Friday's spelling test. To me, the spelling test would either be an affirmation that I am the worst mother on the planet that has completely failed her child at the ripe old age of 5, or that I am a good mother trying to do my best in this crazy land called parenthood.

When I finally got Jude's backpack in my hands, I ripped it open like it was a freaking Christmas present. I looked through all his worksheets until I found the test. It was like the angels in heaven were looking down upon me and had a spot light shining on me as I waited to see the results. As soon as I held the test in my hand, the words Very Good caught my eye like a naked man in a Playgirl Magazine. I looked over the test in awe. The kid spelled every word correctly! That's right, people! EVERY WORD WAS CORRECT! The angels in heaven began playing their harps at that very moment, and I heard their angelic voices sing, "Aw." The world was perfect again. Jude was a success in Preschool! (That's right, he's only in preschool. There's this silly rule that says you must be 5 years old by September 1st to start Kindergarten. Jude missed the cut off by one month and 21 days.)

Keep in mind, last week after I realized I was the worst mommy on the planet, I went on-line and printed out a shit load of worksheets with short vowels sounds. Each night we did 2 worksheets and then practiced writing 2 lowercase letters. We even practiced on the weekend! In addition to the word and letter writing, we no longer allow the TV on during the week. And we practice spelling words in the tub with foam letters. These simple changes and additions have made all the difference.

At first Jude was reluctant to do more homework, but we try to make it fun, and we rewarded him with a new Star Wars toy on Sunday. For him, the new toy made all his hard work worth it.

So, I'm no longer a complete failure as a mother. At least, right now I'm not.

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