Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to the world Aloysius Constantine

The New Yorkers had their first child, Aloysius Constantine, on Tuesday. He was a whopping 10 pounds, 11 ounces, and almost 2 weeks late!

The birth of their first child will forever change their lives.

I remember how I felt when Jude was born. I had so many expectations of how things were going to be. Then, I realized I was no longer in control. For about 4 months after Jude's birth, our lives were chaotic, sleepless, drowsy, and very nervous.

You wait 9 months to meet your precious, little burrito, and you have images of a perfect, happy baby with snuggles and hearts and teddy bears and soft towels, and then reality sets in, and you realize that that image was a commercial for Snuggle fabric softener. Instead, your reality is filled with sore, gigantic boobs that leak all over your enormous belly, and nights where you only get 2 hours of sleep, and a baby that shoots out dookie like a fire hose, and dirty laundry covered in poop and breast milk, and crying, and hormones, and a husband that seems completely useless and totally unaware of what is going on.

You get overwhelmed with the realization that you, and only YOU, are solely responsible for this new, little human being. You freak out and think of all the millions of ways you can possibly and totally fuck up your kid's life. You think of all the stupid shit your parents did to you and swear not to do the same to your kid.

Then, one day you wake up, after 4 hours of sleep, and the world is absolutely perfect. Your new little burrito smiles at you and giggles. Your baby's smile brings joy to you like a bottle of Strawberry Hill once did. Your baby's giggles are the most wonderful and precious sound you have ever heard. When your baby sleeps, you awe at his beauty and wonder why YOU are the lucky one who gets the best, sweetest, and most perfect child on earth. You lay in bed at night and think of everything wonderful your new baby has achieved in only four, short months on the planet. You are amazed. You are in love.

And this love is like no other love. This love is so deep it's beyond measure. It's a love that surpasses your love for your husband or partner. It's a love that gets deeper and deeper as each day passes. It's a love that's totally unexplainable, except to say it's a parent's love.

And as the days turn to months and later to years, you realize all the amazing moments that have occurred all because this little burrito popped out of your vagina some 5 years ago. You realize how you were incomplete and didn't even know it until you held your little burrito for the first time. You realize that the beginning months were very difficult and trying, but totally worth it.

Everything becomes worth it when you see your five year old, little boy riding his bike without training wheels.

So, congratulations to the New Yorkers! Your world will never, ever be the same!


Anonymous said...

I vote for the Strawberry Hill !!

Med. sized D

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Strawberry Hill during the teen years!!!!!!!!!!