Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Typhoon Melor

So, this is what Super Typhoon Melor looks like right now. Thankfully, it seems to be falling apart. But regardless, schools are closed tomorrow, and Husband doesn't have to work. So, we will be sitting inside our apartment looking at each other until the storm passes. It should make for an interesting day!

I'll keep you posted on any further developments.

(Some weather agencies say we only have a 20% chance of rain in the morning, and then it will clear up nicely in the afternoon, after the storm blows through. Other weather agencies say we could get up to 8 inches of rain and have winds as strong as 75 MPH. I guess no one really knows what to expect!)

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Anonymous said...

I can remember being in typhoons in Phillipines and hiding out in the closet waiting for them to pass with Mickey Mouse phone. the things you remember 30 plus years ago.

Big M