Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ring of Fire

I live in Japan. Duh! Japan is part of the Ring of Fire. And, well, in the last 48 hours there have been 2 serious earthquakes along this area. And, this morning I saw that California experienced a 5.1 earthquake.

I am beginning to wonder if these earthquakes are related. So, I did a little research and stumbled upon a pretty good article on BBC. You can check it out here.

So, what the freak?! Is Japan next?! I sure as hell hope not! But I must say, I'm walking on eggshells. I'm a little worried that the ground I walk on will start to shake, shimmy, and totally fuck up my world! Granted, I'm prepared as I can get. We've got emergency gear packed and ready to go in my Dora the Explorer purple backpack. I've got water, food, and first aid supplies ready to go at a moments notice. And I'm pretty effing sure I can get out of my building in about 30 seconds, even though I live on the 5th floor. (I am a marathon runner, after all!).

But still, I'm a little worried Tokyo will be next.

But if the shit does hit the fan, we've got a plan. And having a plan is the first step to survival. I just hope the rest of the people in this city are as ready and prepared as I am!

I just hope and pray I never have to use my emergency supplies!


Anonymous said...

And you thought tornados were bad ....

Medium sized D

Patty and Eric said...

This talk of "Ring of Fire" is scary...but not because I live in Tokyo...but because I am 6 days shy of my due date to deliver our first born and terrified of feeling the "Ring of Fire."

I try to escape my worries with your entertaining blog and this is what I get...a whole page to remind me of the "ring of fore" Thanks!