Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back on track

I just took at glance at this useless blog and thought, holy crap, I only wrote 12 blog entries this month. What the freak?! As you know, I'm not a quiet person. In fact, if there's someone making too much noise, laughing way too loud, or annoying the crap out of you, it's probably me! So, I was in utter shock when I discovered that I've only posted 12 times this month.

My silence is partly a result of my in-laws! So you can blame them. Since they slept in the computer room for the past two weeks, it was often difficult to use the computer. I would try to check e-mail as often as possible, but between my father-in-law's gas and snoring, it was damn near impossible to stay on the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. Reflecting back, maybe I should have worn a gas mask and ear plugs!

But, since they are gone now, I can begin, again, to rant and rave about this and that.

So, thanks for your patience and understanding!


Anonymous said...
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Weenie said...

Sorry Big D, but I deleted your comment because you wrote Husband's first and last name. I like to keep our names private and out of the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Crap !! Sorry. Just ran 11.5 miles and mind wasn't working right. I'll rephrase ...
You ought to be used to males in your husbands family farting. Your husband is a master of it !!