Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The honest truth

I'm a hopeless romantic.  When I was single, I thought marriage was about flowers, kisses, hot dates after work, fancy vacations with lots of vacation sex, nice gifts of appreciation from a loving husband, breakfast in bed, passionate love making, and lots of touching.

After 7 years of marriage this is what I get:
1.  Long separations apart because of Husband's job;
2.  The only flowers I get are the ones I have grown myself;
3.  Instead of hot dinner dates, I get to cook the food and clean up the mess afterwards;
4.  We take nice vacations, but they are "working vacations" where Husband usually has to work, and I end up spending the whole time with my 5 year old;
5.  Instead of fancy gifts, I get wonderful creations made by said 5 year old;
6.  Instead of breakfast in bed, I get woken up by a snot-nosed kiddo coughing in my face at 5 AM; and
7.  Passionate love making takes a back seat to passionate booger wiping and carpooling.

So, for all of you young-ens out there trying desperately to find "the one" and live happily ever after with rainbows and hearts and kisses, good luck!  Because that romantic version of marriage doesn't exist.  If you want that, go watch a fucking Disney movie!

Just saying!


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a timeout, with margaritas !!

Med Sized D

Weenie said...

I think I need more than margaritas!

Anonymous said...

Spankings ?

Weenie said...