Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free entertainment and free food

Okay, I mentioned to you the other day that we are planning a Thailand trip and a cruise next year.  Well, we are saving up our pennies, I mean our yennies, in preparation for the trips.  So on Sunday, we needed some cheap entertainment and a free meal, so where do you think we went?  Costco.  That's right, I said Costco!

On Sundays, Costco has about 10 demo ladies handing out free samples of delicious goodies you can buy in bulk.  And since we are in Japan, the samples are even better.  The samples consisted of Bulgogi (marinated beef Korean style), cream puff, cookies, cheesy bread, cooked chicken thighs, oolong tea, steamed salmon, and few other goodies.  Granted, we had to stand in line with the other 50,000 Japanese Costco customers, but it was worth it.

We got to enjoy tons of free, delicious goodies.

So, if your'e hungry and don't mind standing in line, head to your local Costco for some free snacks!  I highly recommend it!

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