Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rotten fish and sweaty heads

This is what a traditional Japanese breakfast looks like.

As you know, I teach English at a local Japanese elementary public school, and I love it. Every day I learn something new, and I usually laugh in the process. Not to mention I also get to have fun at recess!

However, today it was hot, really hot, and my school doesn't have air conditioning, so I had to suffer along with the kiddos. But, as I entered one of the warmer classrooms, the aroma of rotten fish and sweaty heads nearly gagged me. Since most of the kids eat boiled fish and miso soup for breakfast, that shit comes out of their pores when they sweat. And, today that shit was pouring out of them, gagging me.

Oh well, instead of dealing with bratty kids with behavioral issues, I get to deal with 450 sweet, awesome kids who are eager to learn but smell like rotten fish!

All in a day's work in Weenie's World!

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