Monday, August 29, 2011

On your first day of first grade

Dearest Jude,

I know you were really anxious about today, I know I was.  After all, you did wake us up at 3:45 this morning.  And I know you were very nervous even though you swore you weren't.  And when you grabbed your stomach and swore it didn't hurt, I knew it did.  And that's okay.

I'm proud of you for acting like a big kid in front of your friends.  You could have cried and hugged me like some of the others, but, instead, you stayed strong and tough.

And I'm proud of who you've become over the last year or so.  You've grown into such a great big kid.  Even with all the uncertainty in March and April (after the earthquake), you handled everything like a trooper-- a brave, strong, big kid.  For that, I'm so proud.

And today, on your first day of first grade, know that I am so incredibly proud of you for all you do.  You are the smartest, funniest, most awesome first grader I have ever known!  


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Anonymous said...

He looks so grown up.