Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday Mommy Tip #3

We are a busy family with lots going on.  Jude has swimming, piano lessons, cub scouts and soccer.  It can be a real chore trying to keep track of all his junk needed for each activity.  So, to make our lives easier, we have implemented the bag system.

Basically, we use 4 tote bags for his 4 activities.  We hang the bags on wall hooks, filled with the necessary items for each activity. For example, his swim bag is filled with a swim suit, a towel, goggles, a swim cap, pool shoes, shampoo and a snack.  His soccer bag has a bottle of bug spray, his dirty cleats (in a plastic bag), shin guards, bottled water, an extra plastic bag (for muddy items), and soccer socks.

Each bag remains filled with its necessary contents.  As things are used, they get washed and replaced into the correct bag, where they belong.  That way the bags always have exactly what we need.  Then, when we are on our way out, we just grab our correct activity bag and go.

I use inexpensive, cloth bags for this.  So, when they get dirty, they can be washed in the washing machine.

Also, with this bag system, we don't have to spend hours looking for goggles or soccer socks or piano music or scout stuff.  Everything is in its handy-dandy bag where it belongs.

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