Monday, January 17, 2011

What I've learned in Japan...

1.  raw food is sometimes the best food;

2.  most Japanese people will follow all the rules all the time, no matter what, even if you try to convince them otherwise;

3.  traffic jams in Tokyo have given me a new appreciation for traffic jams in Houston;

4.  sitting on the floor for hours sucks, especially if you just ran 5 miles an hour before;

5.  there's a line for use the restroom, to check out at the grocery store, to see Mickey Mouse, to ride the subway, to eat dinner;

6.  watch out for the automated door in the taxi cab...sometimes the elderly cab driver will slam it on you;

7.  Japanese schools are crowded, and the teachers work ridiculously long hours;

8. the Tokyo subway system goes all the way down to the 8th layer of Hell;

9.  drunk people will just lie down and take a nap anywhere;

10.  Asahi Super Dry beer is the best;

11.  nato tastes and looks like boogers;

12.  Japanese school girls will find ANY way to make their knee length skirts much, much shorter;

13.  Japanese boys look WAY too much like Japanese girls;

14.  Blacky's is not a place where I would like to get a tan;

15.  I will no longer complain about gas prices;

16.  everything in Tokyo, Japan is really, really expensive;

17.  Japanese women don't look their age;

18.  if you are sitting near the window when your bullet train passes another bullet train at top speed, you will shit your pants;

19.  Ginkaku-ji pavilion, "The Temple of the Silver Pavilion," in Kyoto, Japan is not really effing silver;

20.  Japanese baseball games are kick ass, and PoPo (my dad) really loves the beer girls!

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