Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Dragonfly Nymphs

Last week I received 3 Dragonfly nymphs. (They were a present for Jude from one of my students.) Basically, these are dragon fly babies, and in a few short weeks, they will become Dragonflies. But until then, they live in our apartment in our bug box covered in pond water. And, they breathe through their anuses. That's right, they breathe through their bung holes. Cool, huh?!

So, this was my conversation with Husband:

Weenie: "These Dragonfly nymphs sure our neat, especially because they breathe through their butts!"

Husband: "I wonder if they have to hold their breath when the crap?"

Weenie: "Just imagine, if you were a Dragonfly nymph, you would have died long ago considering the amount you crap!"

Husband: "Yeah, tell me about it!"


Anonymous said...

LOL. You too crap, I mean crack me up!


Sybil said...

Love your sense of humour !

Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada