Monday, June 14, 2010

I felt it!

Yesterday around 12:45 AM, Husband, Jude and I were vegging out on the couch. When all of sudden, the wall creaked and the couch started to shake. At first, I wasn't sure if Jude was moving the couch or if was an earthquake. Then, I heard my pictures hanging on the wall rattling. At that moment, I knew it was another earthquake.

Once I figured out it was an earthquake, my heart rate shot up to about 180 beats per minute. Then, I stood up and waited. I waited to see if I needed to bend over and kiss my ass goodbye, or if it was going to be a non-event. At first, it was just a little shaky-shaky action. It slightly intensified and then stopped. The shaking lasted about 10 seconds. So, that makes this the longest earthquake I've ever felt. But, overall, it was a non-event. No damage to report.

This earthquake was just little reminder that I always need to be aware and ready for anything. So, I bought some extra can goods yesterday at the grocery store. Just in case.

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