Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're Contaminated

You've guessed it! One of us has the H1N1 flu, and it ain't me. Actually, my poor, sweet, adorable, 5 year old has the Swine flu, and is attempting to kill the rest of us with his cooties.

Since we've all been contaminated with Jude's germs, we are laying low and have basically quarantined ourselves.

Sister is here to enjoy the festivities and remind us of the important things like Velveeta cheese and Fritos. YaYa and PoPo will be here in a few short hours to join us in our plastic bubble.

This should make for an interesting holiday season. Wish me luck!

Oink, oink!


Anonymous said...

Poor kiddo. Maybe he'll be better by Christmas. You should stock in plenty of booze for this ordeal, and lots of chocolate.

Med. Sized D

The WFRC Slacker said...

I've heard it's over quicker then seasonal flu..hope it doesn't spread...

Tara said...

Aw, poor Jude. Glad you're remembering Velvetta and fritos this time of year. That sounds like a very Merry Christmas to all, in my opinion!