Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Misadventure

As you know, every night after school we've been working hard to teach Jude how to read. We do worksheets, flashcards, spell words on the dry-erase board, and play silly spelling games, and so on. In the last few weeks, the light switch has been turned on in Jude's brain, and, basically, the kid can read almost every 3 letter word that exists in the English language. I'm very proud of this fact. We have both worked very hard to achieve this.

However, you should always be careful for what you wish for!

Yesterday I had a meeting at my Japanese elementary school, and Husband had to work late. Usually on meeting days (Wednesdays), Husband picks up Jude from the bus stop and takes care of him until I get home, but because of Husband's busy work schedule, I was forced to take Jude with me to my meeting. Big mistake!

Luckily, one of the younger teachers decided to play with Jude to distract him, so he wouldn't be loud or disrupt the meeting. I was thankful for his help. So, there I was trying to have a meeting with my teachers in the school conference room, trying to figure out my lesson plan for tomorrow's lesson, when all of a sudden I heard Jude sounding out the word ass and then writing A-S-S on the large, dry-erase board we were using for the meeting. Once I realized what the little stinker was doing, I gave him a dirty look with bulging eyes and asked him nicely if that was a good word he should be teaching people how to spell. He immediately understood that that was a naughty word and erased it from the board. After that he was quiet for about 2 minutes.

Then, I heard him spelling ass on the teacher's electronic dictionary. Once the word was entered into the mini-sized, electronic dictionary/translator, an automated voice said the word. He kept pressing the button over and over and laughing hysterically, listening to the word ass, being said by the electronic voice.

Once I realized what Jude was doing, I got up, grabbed him, and apologized to everyone in the conference room for the disturbance. But since most of my teachers don't speak English, or understand that ass is not a good word to use, they all starting saying ass, practicing and articulating the short a sound followed by the s sound. It was hilarious! The whole conference room of Japanese teachers was saying ass. I was trying to hold back my laughter and refocus everyone back to the lesson plan. Jude just sat back and laughed.

Just another day in Weenie's world!


Anonymous said...

That's in the Top Ten funniest things I ever heard !!

Med. Sized D

Anonymous said...

Kids do learn fast!!!! Very funny!!!!!!!!!!


Amerika said...

That totally sounds like something my little stinker would do!