Friday, December 18, 2009

Magnatude 5.1

So, there I was asleep in my bed having a completely bizarre-o dream where I was pregnant, in labor, and having an asthma attack (okay, maybe it was a nightmare) when all of a sudden I was awoken at 5:41 AM by an earthquake. This wasn't a little shaky-shaky earthquake. No! It was a move-the-whole-bed-and-shake-the-mirror-on-the-dresser-and-shake-the-closet-doors-earthquake. It was big enough and strong enough to wake me up from my horrible dream. And, long enough for me to think Oh, shit, it's the big one and locate my glasses on the nightstand next to the bed. By the time I found my glasses and stood up, it was over.

Husband was awake when it happened and said the bookshelves in our extra bedroom were shaking and swaying. Luckily, everything is tied to the wall, courtesy of Jude's old, baby, safety latches.

This earthquake was the biggest earthquake we've experienced since we moved here 2 years ago. And, it has my mind back on the possibility that we could experience the big one before we leave here in 2011.

So, I bet you can guess what I'll be doing later today. That's right. I'll be checking and rechecking our emergency supplies. I'll be winterizing our supplies just in case we have to haul ass out of here and hang out outside on a cold, winter morning. It would suck to be stuck outside freezing to death after surviving a massive, destructive earthquake. Don't you agree?!

At times like these, I really wish I was back in Texas where only hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and psycho killers could kill me. At least you can see those things coming, sort of!


Anonymous said...

We wish y'all were back here too !!

Med Sized D

WFRC Slacker said...

wonder if the odd dream was your body knowing what was fixin to hit??? if so you could be rich !!!