Tuesday, January 3, 2012


1.  The next time I see my Christmas decorations I'll be living in another country.

2.  This is my last winter, Christmas and New Years that I will spend in Japan.

3.  My next birthday will be celebrated in America!

4.  Jude's next birthday will be celebrated is America!

5.  Husband's next birthday will be celebrated in America!

6.  Next New Years I will not be going to a Japanese Shrine with a million other Japanese, nor will I be eating traditional Japanese New Year's food.

Change is coming!


Sybil said...

Sounds like you'll be missing Japan ?

Hairpin said...

When does Leo find out?

Will it definitely be Texas? There's a base in New Jersey about an hour and a half away from NYC!!!

Weenie said...

Yes, I'm sure I'll be really sad to leave Japan when the day comes, but it will be bittersweet.

We aren't sure where we are moving to next. Now it's the waiting game.