Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letter to Santa

Jude:  "Hey mom, I'm going to write a letter to Santa and tell him exactly what I want for Christmas."

Weenie:  "Great idea.  And what exactly do you want for Christmas?"

Jude:  "Well, I want a Death Star Planetarium and a mummy...a Chinchorro Mummy to be exact."

Weenie:  "Sweetheart, Santa and his elves make toys, and if you are a good boy you'll get your Death Star Planetarium.  But Santa does not go around killing people and mummifying them so he can deliver them to you under your Christmas tree.  Mummies are dead people, and Santa will not bring you your very own mummy, no matter how many times you ask for one.  And Santa will not go and take a Chinchorro mummy from a museum and give it to you for Christmas."

Jude:  "But I've been a really good boy!"

Weenie:  "I know, you've been an excellent boy.  But Santa makes toys not mummies!"

Jude:  "That sucks!  I guess when I grow up I'll have to be a curator of a mummy museum."

Weenie:  "Now that sounds like a good idea."

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