Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Denim- Day 30

30 Days of Denim

This is what I wore yesterday:
T-Shirt:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Sweater:  New York & Company
Jeans:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Earrings:  Lia Sophia
Necklace:  (bought in Japan)
Shoes:  Crocs

Yesterday we attended Oktoberfest and a birthday party.  We met some great new folks, and I'm sure we'll be hanging out with them again.  They are new to Japan, and I can't wait to show them the ropes.  

Oh, and I'm finished with my 30 Days of Denim.  Yea, me!  

Wearing denim for 30 days was actually pretty easy for me.  Since I don't have a dress code for work, I think that helped too!  

Now I'm looking around the web to see what I can do for the next 30 days.  Have any ideas?  I was thinking maybe 30 days of Crockpot meals or 30 days of exercise or 30 days of thanks or 30 days of learning, where I learn something new for 30 days, or 30 days of organizing.  

Let me know what you think my new project should be.  

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Tara said...

Doing a Crockpot month is fun, but it gets annoying after awhile and eating a meal that isn't made in the morning is great after that month is over! If you do it, make sure you buy liners! We only have 2 CrockPots and having liners saved me from having to wash the big one every night! :)

30 days of thanks would be good, especially with the holidays here.

30 days of learning would be fun for Jude : 30 days of animals! 30 days of insects! 30 days of dinosaurs!

Hope you have fun, no matter what! :)