Saturday, November 6, 2010

With Fuji-san smiling down

I ran an awesome 7.25 miles this morning.  The air was crisp, the sky was clear, my lungs felt great, but my legs were sore, courtesy of my Cindy Crawford workout video.  Thankfully, my sore legs and ass didn't stop me from running.  Instead, I ran strong and hard, finishing in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I could have ran quicker, but my fellow running buddy was having a bad day and wanted to quit a few times, so I slowed down and talked to him to keep his mind off the hurt.  It worked, and we both finished strong with respectable times.

As we ran, off in the distance, we could see Mt. Fuji's snow covered dome glistening in the morning sun.  It was a glorious sight that reminded me why I run.

It was like a little piece of heaven right on earth.

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