Sunday, July 11, 2010

Turbulent Times

Sorry I've been MIA for the past week. I've been busy working, playing mommy and working on my new venture. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get it all done to my satisfaction.

But, I keep chugging along, slowly making progress.

This week was an especially busy week, and my car wreck didn't help. That's right, I had a minor car accident. Don't worry, I'm fine, and I didn't kill anyone. It was a silly accident and this is what happened:

I was coming home from work and stopped at a stop light, and there were several cars in front of me. As I was stopped, I reached into my purse to grab something. When I reached in my purse, searching, the person behind me honked. So, like Pavlov's dog, I stepped on the gas. Unfortunately, there was a small, work truck in front of me, and I crashed right into it. I know, I should have been paying more attention, and I shouldn't have been fumbling around in my purse. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I already got the lecture from Husband. Any who, after I hit the guy in front of me, we parked and exchanged information. Since the driver was in his work truck, and didn't actually own the vehicle, he had to call his boss. And then his boss called the owner, the police, an accident investigator, the Pope, Jesus, and Allah. Just kidding about the Pope, Jesus and Allah, but I'm sure they were there in spirit, watching over me. So, there I was surrounded by Japanese men speaking Japanese, feeling like a jack-ass for ramming my car into the truck. I apologized repeatedly and begged for mercy, praying I wouldn't be thrown in jail, bent over and caned for my stupidity. Luckily, I was not charged with a crime nor did I break any laws. But, I had to fill out a bunch of paper work, go to my insurance company, beg for forgiveness, and reassure the police, the investigator, the driver, the boss, the owner, and God that I would always, always, always stay focused and never, ever push the gas pedal just because some impatient ass hole honked his horn.

So, yes, this week pretty much sucked. I hope the suckage is over.

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Ronda Saenz said...

Glad you are OK, off base accidents must suck.