Friday, March 19, 2010

My new kicks

Okay, so this year's Tokyo Marathon was a flop. I was stopped in my tracks courtesy of a couple of injuries. But the injuries have healed, and I'm ready to get back on the road.

Since I'm starting a new training season, I decided to buy some new shoes (pictured above).

I hope my new shoes can carry me to my goal: Tokyo Marathon 2011.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your running and your new marathon goal. Always remember why you run, and the mils will come easier ....

Med Sized D

The WFRC Slacker said...

Love, love them !!!

Shoes that pretty will help you run injury free !!!

Princess Talula said...

Those are so cute!

Hairpin said...

What? You didn't want the Vibram Five Fingers?

Did you get your kicks at Diamond city?

michelle, kevin, redbud, texas and brookston said...

i want these shoes too bad you are the mmm or i would steal them! i saw quite a few people running with them or some similar ones when i was running the marathon and i kept telling christy! look,, you can even see the colors on the bottom! LOVE them! super cute!