Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin

So, I live on the other side of the planet in Japan.  I didn't hear about Trayvon's death until a few days after it happened, when the media went crazy.

Once I read the news reports, I was shocked and saddened.  I know everyone has an opinion on the matter, so I'm going to give you mine; after all, this is MY useless blog.

As a mother of a mixed race minority son, Trayvon Martin's death scares me.  When did it become okay to kill a young boy because of the way he looks and the clothes he wears?  When did it become okay for the police to turn the other way and not investigate a shooting  fully simply because the shooter was a half-ass neighborhood watch guy with too much free time on his hands and a concealed handgun license?   When did all this happen?  When did it become a death sentence to walk home from a friend's house wearing a hoodie and baggy pants?  

If this is the America my husband has promised to serve, then I don't want him to serve anymore!  And if this is the America we are going back to, then I'd rather stay in Japan!

Life is such a precious thing!  I don't understand how one man can take another's so easily!  I don't understand why the police didn't do a full investigation.  I just don't understand!

In my opinion, Trayvon Martin's death is such a tragedy for America.  It brings race and racism to the forefront, illustrating just how far we still need to go as a nation.

And aren't we better than all of this?!  Aren't we the greatest nation in the world?  Yet, our youth, especially minority boys, seem to have to live in fear of being hunted down in cold blood because of the way they look.

As a mother, I can only imagine the heartache Trayvon's parents must be feeling.  I hope someday they can find peace.

And as a mother of a minority son, Trayvon's death infuriates me to the core!  I hope the police realize their mistakes and investigate Trayvon's death thoroughly.  As an AMERICAN, doesn't he deserve that?!

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Sybil said...

It's a sad situation. In Florida apparently if you "feel" threatened, you can use lethal force and not be prosecuted. Even if that force is used against an innocent young man, returning from the store, who YOU stalk and terrorize because of the colour of his skin. It's a shameful indictment of the situation in the U.S.