Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Typhoon

We have another typhoon headed our way.  It's expected to be in our neck of the woods on Wednesday (that's Tuesday for y'all in the States).

But don't worry about us!  I'm prepared for all kinds of natural disasters, and I've got my handy-dandy Dora-the-Explorer backpack filled with all kinds of emergency gear.

And since we are so far inland, we don't have to worry about storm surge.  And since we live on the 5th floor, we don't really worry about flooding.  The only thing I am concerned about is flooding in the basement of our building.  I believe all of the buildings mechanical equipment is housed down there.  So if it floods, we could be without power for a while, and that would totally suck donkey balls.

But I'm hoping for the best and praying the storm doesn't directly affect the folks up north, because they are still dealing with the horrible effects of the March 11th earthquake.  They certainly don't need any other natural disaster to deal with.  They've already been through enough!

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